Stress-Free Dentistry

IV Conscious Sedation

Our team at A and L understand that many people may have developed a dental phobia from a previous bad experience at the dentist. 

We believe everyone should be able to have excellent dental care and treatment therefore we can provide IV conscious sedation for nervous patients.

To carry out conscious sedation, a combination of medicines are used to help you relax and to block out any pain. An intravenous line is inserted either via your arm or hand, and a sedative is administered via this line. 

You will begin to feel drowsy and relaxed very quickly. You may fall asleep, but you will wake up easily and be able to respond to the dentist when necessary. This is very helpful when carrying out dental treatments as the dentist will be able to communicate verbally with you throughout your treatment.

After conscious sedation, you may feel drowsy and not remember much about your procedure. Thanks to conscious sedation, our patients can feel at ease that dental treatments can be carried out without any recollection of the treatment taking place, leaving the clinic feeling positive and with a sense of achievement.

More Information

Prior to your treatment under sedation, the dentist will need to carry out a thorough dental examination and put together a full treatment plan.

As you will be feeling drowsy afterwards, you will need to arrange for a family member or friend to transport you home and look after you for the rest of the day following your sedation session.